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Idiots in Vietnam

Friday, 13 January 2012


new new bullet version

by Charlie Gregory

Danny Toxteth can take care of himself, but this is different. These people have fed him a Mickey Finn and this girl, Freya, has seduced him. They have taken compromising photographs and now they are blackmailing him into using the radio station, where he works as the under manager, to home two ships onto each other during a forthcoming smuggling operation.
They know about his affair with Shona and are going “tell all” to his fiancĂ©, Terry Ann, as well as Faroe, Shona’s husband. It is indeed, “A hell of a mess.” The revelation will horrify Terry Ann, an innocent kid from the American Mid West. She will surely finish with him. Faroe, a drunken hard case, will throw Shona over the cliffs. As if that is not enough, Alexander, Danny’s friend, has persuaded him to go out to a wreck in the cove to plunder some equipment. Now Alexander has produced a bottle of whisky. Not ordinary whisky; this is The Waters of MacDuibh, from a consignment stolen in a hijacking that involved the killing of a guard.

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